Liz Peters

Liz Peters is an award-nominated performer who has spent the last decade helping people feel relaxed and playful in the spotlight. She teaches improvisation around the world and works with organisations and individuals to improve human communication: how we connect and collaborate with each other and how we deliver in front of an audience. A regular contributor on leadership programmes, Liz helps build presence and agility in the change-makers of tomorrow, and has brought her innovative approach to communication training into countless organisations, from social enterprises to global corporations. Liz is a trained actress and a certified Embodied Facilitator: a multi-disciplinary qualification in how posture and movement affect the way we feel, think, relate and perceive. With 20 years’ experience in the entertainment industry, Liz is co-Artistic Director of The Maydays – one of the UK’s leading improvisation companies – and tours worldwide, creating musicals live in the moment, without a script.

Why did Liz want to publish a book?

‘I wanted to publish a book for a few reasons. ‘One of the key drivers was that I’d found very little published content that was engaging to read on the subject of embodiment. As someone who has specialised in the subject and therefore clearly sees the value in it, I was frustrated by the available literature. I wasn’t finding it accessible or engaging, so how could it possibly reach others? I wanted to create something that was informative and entertaining on the subject, which could be useful for people who might only have a passing interest. ‘Another key driver was to organise my thoughts: I’d been working in three complimentary areas for some time. I could see how they crossed over and I wanted to focus and clarify this understanding. ‘The other reason was to improve my credibility as an expert in my field. What better business card is there than a book?’

What Liz says about working with SRA Books

‘Working with the team at SRA has been great. Initially, I was on the fence about whether to self-publish or work with a company. I can wholeheartedly say I have been happy with my choice every step of the way! There is so much to understand about book publishing and these guys know all about it. For a first-time author the task of writing a book is already big enough – to try and master all the other aspects would have been overwhelming and I am certain that if I had gone down the self-publishing route I wouldn’t now have a published book. ‘SRA have been helpful and encouraging, and I’m very happy to have had these experts on my team!’