The Family Business Book

Practical tips to help family and business work well together

The Family Business Book

Practical tips to help family and business work well together

by Paul Keogh

9781912300587 |  £14.99

Family-owned businesses are among the most notable and numerous in the world. Some are global brands employing thousands – think Walmart, Ford and JCB – others are much smaller, more local enterprises run by their owners and staffed entirely by their family.

But however big or small, running or working in a family business, and the bringing together of two conflicting and complex worlds – family and business – often presents very unique challenges for everyone involved, be they part of the family or employees and advisors.

The Family Business Book draws on Paul Keogh’s expertise and decades of work with family businesses of all sizes, all around the world, to help their owners, family members and employees feel informed, empowered and equipped to make the right decisions and navigate the ups and downs, successes and disappointments.

Easy to read and packed with top tips, discover essential and honest guidance on: 

  • Juggling the demands of work with the expectations of family.
  • Handling conflict and rivalries whilst dealing with intricate family dynamics.
  • Putting effective communication at the heart of both worlds.
  • Building clear structures and establishing sensible governance.
  • Making critical decisions and managing change – in the family and the business!
  • Talking about money and planning for succession.

Functioning better as a family is the key to a better functioning family business, so from divorce to death, and deceit to desertion, this book never shies away from asking the difficult questions and discussing the complicated issues that families in business face to make sure both their worlds survive and thrive.

    Published: 3rd February 2022

    ISBN: 9781912300587

    RRP: £14.99 GBP

    Publisher: SRA Books

    Rights Available: Worldwide

    BIC/Subject: KJC, KJ, KJVS

    Size: 234 x 156 mm

    Extent: 224pp

    Binding: Paperback, Black & White, 

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