Beliefs and how to change them… for good!

Beliefs and how to change them… for good!

SRA Books, 2011

Authors: Tony Burgess and Julie French

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Beliefs and how to change them... for good takes you on a voyage of self-discovery, increasing your awareness of how your beliefs will powerfully help or hinder you in life, moment by moment, day by day, year by year. You’ll be given a clear and practical system for getting your beliefs aligned with your goals and desired outcomes in life, and when you choose to apply this where it really matters, you can enjoy celebrating your resourcefulness shining through at a whole new level.

Adopting the practical easy-to-apply wisdom captured in these pages will help you to:

  • Release your true inner confidence
  • Speed up achievement of your goals
  • Get the best out of your relationships
  • Stop being a passenger in your life and get back in the driving seat
  • Drop stress and feel more fulfilled day by day
  • Break unhelpful habits and replace them with more productive ways forward
  • Achieve more success in your career
  • Improve your sporting performance
  • Make the most of any situation
  • Handle difficult or challenging situations with ease
  • Keep a positive attitude even when things are tough
  • Get yourself ‘unstuck’ and making progress again