Celebrity Service (new edition!)

Celebrity Service

2nd edition

SRA Books, 2018

Author: Geoff Ramm

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Celebrity Service: discover an inspiring way to serve like never before.

Your customers will love you. Your competition will not.

Inside this book you will find the answers to set you, your team and your business apart in your industry. From the cabin crew member who gives away prizes, to the restaurant in downtown Philadelphia with knockout entertainments, you’ll see how service will always lead to the sale. You’ll find out why 5-star service should be outlawed and why one Paralympian continues to inspire the next generation. You’ll discover what to do when you can’t deliver on your promise and how to offer superb service – even when you’re closed!

Geoff will reveal the philosophy, the stories and the award-winning results which have led companies across six continents to out-perform their competitors.


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