Governance in International Schools

Governance in International Schools

SRA Books, 2015

Editors: Matthew Chuck and Adele Hodgson

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A practical way to build an outstanding board

The number of international schools has grown exponentially and many have become highly complex multimillion euro/yen/dollar organisations. This development puts tremendous pressure on board members, many of whom are committed to the school but have limited time to be truly effective in their role. Governance in International Schools is a handbook for international boards, underscoring ECIS’s commitment to creating positive impact at the leadership and governance levels of international schools.

ECIS supports leadership and governance by:

  • Providing annual training for board members, trustees and proprietors at our Leadership Conference;
  • Supporting start-up and emerging international schools through our knowledge base; and
  • Linking the work of business managers, administration managers and marketing and development directors of international schools.