Hubble Stitch 2

Hubble Stitch 2: Further adventures into planet Hubble

SRA Books, 2016

Author: Melanie de Miguel

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Warning – this book may cause you to explode with ideas!

Your feet won't touch the ground as Melanie takes you further into the realms of Hubble stitch on a great beading adventure. Following on from Let's Hubble!, Hubble Stitch 2 scales new beady heights, exploring the next exciting technique to spring from Hubble stitch called Wave Hubble.

You will be taken on a journey of discovery as Melanie guides you in her usual fun, workshop style, through the many forms of Wave Hubble in easy-to-follow stages, from basic linear Wave Hubble to more complex three-dimensional shapes.

Linear Wave Hubble produces gorgeous, lacy beadwork with exciting patterns and a wonderful silky, tactile quality; in three-dimensional forms it is flexible as a rope, yet strong enough and rigid, in toroid form, to be used as a clasp. Work through the 8 beautiful and innovative projects that Melanie has designed to help you practise each of the aspects of Wave Hubble - from simple cuffs to get you started, through picture scenes and selfies, to trapped rivolis and toggles!

This book includes:

  • step-by-step instructions with clear attractive stitch diagrams
  • helpful and practical workshop tips
  • a 'stay flat' binding - ideal for all beadworkers
  • lots of suggestions for project variations
  • ideas on how to use the stitch in your own designs and projects
  • gorgeous inspirational, full colour photography

Melanie de Miguel is an internationally renowned UK beadwork artist and tutor. Her passion for the technical side of beading, the thread paths and how they influence bead positions in relation to each other stems from her scientific background. These combined fascinations led her to create Hubble stitch and present it to the beading world in her first book, Let's Hubble!, but she continued to explore and develop what can be done with the stitch and introduces Wave Hubble in her second book, Hubble Stitch 2. There is still so much more that can be done with Hubble stitch but not enough room in this book, so watch this space!