I Spy the Wolf

I Spy the Wolf

Peakes Place Publications

Author: Stephen Davis

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The secret they don’t want you to know...

Michael Tagleva is the eldest son and heir to one of the wealthiest banking families in Europe. When visiting Germany he is welcomed as a distinguished guest by the Nazis, but not everything is as it seems. Michael soon finds himself in a labyrinth of deceit and double-cross. In a breath-taking race against time Michael must uncover the plot if he’s to thwart those that conspire to destroy his family and force Britain to surrender to Germany…

  • Who are the British aristocrats who conspire with the Nazis?
  • How is the Bank of England involved in the plot?
  • What is the identity of the sinister figure in London?

And why is the story still classified TOP SECRET?

‘Stephen Davis’ immaculately researched story wonderfully captures the atmosphere, the confusion and the tragedies at the start of the Second World War with fast paced action moving between Germany, France and Britain. It compels you to turn the pages to discover if the Tagleva family can outsmart the plot that’s directed against them and Britain.’