Positivity: How to be more positive, enjoy life and get results

The HotHive, 2011

Author: Arti Halai

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Warning: DO NOT READ THIS BOOK if you want to stay exactly as you are. Positivity will transform your life.

Are you thinking – how?

Well, because in 30 simple lessons this book shows you the way to lead a fulfilling and enjoyable life. It focuses on what you secretly know or are learning about but aren’t putting into practice:

  • Fear – how to confront the monster and move ahead
  • Compliments – how praising someone can come back tenfold
  • Responsibility – how this is the key to empowerment
  • Stress – how to channel the energy into something better
  • Confidence – how to get it and put it to good use

In a nutshell, we are quick to forget key ideas, thoughts, experiences and lessons that we use on a daily basis. Yet it is these things that make us who we are and make our life what it is.

I’m all for bigger and better things – but I’m even more for living life and enjoying the journey.

I call it Positivity.