Quantum Skills for Coaches

Quantum Skills for Coaches: A handbook for working with energy and the body–mind in coaching

Word4Word, 2008

Author: Annette Simmons

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An astounding coaching dimension where quantum physics meets the human condition.

Quantum Skills for Coaches is a powerful toolkit of techniques for life coaches, executive coaches or specialist coaches to use alongside their current methodologies which will produce results in their clients’ lives that seem almost magical - often in only a couple of weeks!
This approach to coaching is consistent with (and supportive of) traditional coaching models and tools such as GROW, NLP, incisive questions, MBTI etc. And, it almost seems to give them a fifth dimension!

About the author

This book has been written as a result of Annette’s clients and fellow coaches urging her to teach others and write about her unique and cutting-edge approach to leadership and life coaching. These truly transformational tools are a beautifully intuitive marriage of Annette’s passion for quantum physics, modern psychology, management theory and spiritual laws which have helped many senior leaders  to find the greatness within themselves, enhancing their personal results and the performance of those around them.