The 7 Secrets of Money

The 7 Secrets of Money: The insider’s guide to personal investment success

SRA Books, 2013

Authors: Simon Brown, Ben Sherwood, Richard Stott, Bruce Wilson

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The insider's guide to personal investment success

Learn the seven secrets that only a few expert insiders know and become a better investor. The route to success is simpler than you would expect.

'The 7 Secrets of Money is an essential read for anyone currently investing for their future or considering doing so. It provides a simple, yet powerful, framework for making better investment decisions. Not reading this book will be a costly mistake.' - Tim Hale, author of Smarter Investing, MD, Albion Strategic Consulting

'The 7 Secrets of Money is an easy-to-read guide to how investment works, where the costs arise, what to avoid, and how to choose a financial adviser. Having read this book, the reader will be in a position to make an informed contribution to the decision making process.' - Janice Trebble, Partner at Saunders and Dolleymore LLP

'If you've ever wondered why your portfolio only rises 5% when the markets rise 10%, then this book is for you. It is a must-read for all of us who want to retire with a sense of financial security. I cannot recommend it enough.' - Mark Baldry, private investor and Senior Consultant, Priorities for Profit