The Cancer Revolution

The Cancer Revolution – Integrative Medicine – The Future of Cancer Care: Your guide to integrating complementary and conventional medicine

Win-win Health Intelligence Limited, 2016

Author: Patricia Peat

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The Cancer Revolution has been written to introduce the public to a revolutionary way of looking at cancer: Integrative Medicine. An alarmingly high and relentlessly growing number of people are being affected, either directly or indirectly, by this deadly disease. They do not have the luxury of waiting for science to come up with 'the cure'; they need answers right now. The Cancer Revolution has answers. It is packed with strategies to improve your prospects and your quality life.

Integrative Medicine is the broadest possible approach to treatment, one that leaves no stone unturned. It is more comfortable with doing too much than with taking the risk of missing a vital piece of the puzzle. In this important new handbook, Patricia Pear has assembled a world-class team of experts to offer practical information on nutrition, lifestyle, conventional medicine and a range of cutting-edge treatments, as well as helpful guidance for navigating through cancer and beyond. For the first time, The Cancer Revolution brings together, in the most accessible form, the whole spectrum of resources that are at hand to support you or someone you love through every stage of cancer and to help you to chart a healthy future.

Robin Daly
Founder and Chairman, Yes to Life

Author and Contributors

Patricia Peat is the founder of Cancer Options, a consultancy supporting people in building personalised integrative programmes of cancer care, In this guide for those with cancer and their carers, Patricia is supported by a wealth of international expert contributors.