The Jolly Pilgrim

The Jolly Pilgrim

HotHive Books, 2011

Author: Peter Baker

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There’s never been a better time to live on this planet.

London – the Jolly Pilgrim sets off on a bicycle ride to Istanbul, planning a rendezvous with the girl he wants to marry.

Eighteen months later and halfway around the world, following hospitalisations, financial meltdown, torment and heartbreak, he goes to live as a hermit in South America, to explore a bunch of ideas about humanity’s place in the universe.

He swims the Bosporus and works in a drag club, hitchhikes across Australia and dances salsa in an Ecuadorian prison, experiences rapture and revelation amidst talismanic historic and religious sites, endures love, voyeurism, bees, ant, sex, drugs, rock ‘n’ roll and in response, conceives... a message of hope for civilisation.

Part adventure story, part reflection on the state of our species, this profoundly uplifting, real-life odyssey ends with a call-to-arms for the human race to be more honest about itself.

It’s time to think bigger.

Welcome to enlightenment 2.0.