The Unnatural Promoter

How anyone can blow their own trumpet without feeling awkward.

AVAILABLE FROM 30th September 2021

Author: Charlie Lawson

SRA Books, 2021

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Why do some people have no problem shouting about themselves to get business, yet you find it so difficult? 

You’re great at what you do. You deliver an amazing product, a top-notch service and your clients and customers seem to love what you do. 

So why aren’t you getting the opportunities that your rich talents deserve? Why do other people get all the breaks, even though they’re not as good as you? 

The answer is simple – you’re not blowing your own trumpet. 

In this enjoyable, engaging and highly practical book, self-confessed unnatural promoter Charlie Lawson shows you exactly how he overcame his own doubts and awkwardness to move beyond the negativity that’s so often associated with self-promotion. 

Learning from his own hard-won experience, he’ll empower you with the skills, confidence and mindset you need to: 

  • Promote your business by shouting about what you do. 
  • Talk effortlessly about why you’re so good at it. 
  • Feel positive and proud to promote and sell yourself. 
  • Use smart self-promotion tactics that will attract new business. 
  • Persuade others to rave and shout about you, so you don’t have to! 

Bigger business comes from better conversations, so make promoting yourself a little less nerve-wracking and a lot more rewarding as you unlock the power and potential of blowing your own trumpet.


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