Tudor Inspirations

Tudor Inspirations: Elemental beadwork

Authors: Melanie de Miguel and Heather Kingsley-Heath

SRA Books, 2018

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As inventors of new beadwork stitches, Melanie de Miguel (Hubble stitch) and Heather Kingsley-Heath (Albion stitch) are no strangers to innovation. And here they are, at it again…

This book is the Tudor-inspired, treasure-filled result of their collaboration. Heather and Melanie have created an exciting new elemental approach especially for the more adventurous beader to explore.

Now they invite you… to join them on their thrilling adventure to recreate designs inspired by the rich and indulgent jewels of the Tudor and Elizabethan eras.

There are 10 fabulous, elemental designs ready to bead as complete projects. A library of over 60 elements makes it easy for you to dip in and mix a unique design recipe. A gallery of completed elemental creations is included, to stimulate your creative beading juices and show how easy it is to create your own beaded extravagance and splendour.

What Tudor Inspirations promises you:

  • Two leading bead artists – together.
  • 10 gorgeously wearable, elemental designs.
  • A complete library of elements to explore.
  • A stunning gallery of inspirational pieces.
  • A delicious mix of history, drama and beads.


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