Unleash Your Family Business DNA

Unleash Your Family Business DNA: Building a family legacy that lasts generations

Authors: Reg Athwal

RTS Books, 2017

Hardback (£39.99) available at publication.

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­­Don’t leave building a legacy to random chance!

Global family business advisor and authority Reg Athwal delivers the ultimate how-to guide, drawing upon his extensive global expertise and international research. Athwal shares with you the basics relevant to all first-generation entrepreneurs who are thinking about their next generation, combined with insights for well-established family firms who need to understand the pitfalls and legacy blockages that prevent 97% of family businesses from lasting beyond the 4th generation.

With Athwal’s 26 years of combined experience in family business advisory, human capital management and entrepreneurship, he will ensure that you avoid the mistakes many family firms make, as he reveals his strategies, processes, systems and techniques to get it right and not leave it to random chance to build that 100-plus-year family business legacy.

In this book, you’ll learn:

  • About your “DNA Profile” and how it impacts other family members, professional teams and your overall business
  • How to build family structures and create the right job roles aligned to multi-generational challenges and your succession planning needs
  • About the blockages that stop 97% of family businesses in creating a sustainable legacy
  • How to build a family vision and values charter
  • How to evaluate your human capital and build world-class dream teams with 90% accuracy, so your business assets continue to grow

Reg Athwal is the Founding Partner & MD of RTS Global Partners, the leading family business advisory firm in Africa, Middle East and South Asia with 50+ members in eight countries, with headquarters in Dubai, UAE. He was born in the UK and came from an Indian family business that split at second generation, fueling his desire to specialize in this industry. He is a world-certified public speaker in family business and has delivered sessions to over three million people in 59 countries since 2002. He is currently retained as a Global Trusted Executive Advisor by many large family-owned businesses and first-generation entrepreneurial enterprises. To date, he has worked with 110 family businesses, from two to 53 members, from the first to fifth generation.