Watertight Marketing (2nd Edition)

Watertight Marketing: The proven process for seriously scaleable sales
Edition 2

Author: Bryony Thomas

Human Business Thinking, 2020

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Are you wasting money on marketing?
The sad truth is that most businesses are. But there is an answer, and it’s in this book!

Even the smartest businesses can fi nd themselves exhausted by yo-yo marketing and paralysed by the overwhelm of big ideas, big promises and the next big thing. Money and energy is wasted on running the marketing taps, whilst potential revenue pours from a very leaky bucket.

Join the thousands of businesses already using the tested and trusted Watertight Marketing methodology and discover how you too can put it into action to cut through the hype, make a clear plan and take control of your marketing to:

  • create consistent routes to customers you’ll love,
  • successfully scale your sales results, and
  • signifi cantly and sustainably increase your profits.

This is the book that actually delivers what so many others promise. You’ll discover inspiring true stories of businesses like yours that have doubled, tripled and even 10x revenue and profit. And, just like them, you’ll unlock the proven and powerful toolkit that builds an enduring process that will deliver profitable results, year after year.

20% of all royalties will be donated to Pancreatic Cancer UK


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