You Are More Than You Think

You Are More Thank You Think: The return to your authentic self

SRA Books, 2014

Author: Andrew Jenkins

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Have you ever had the feeling that life is passing you by?
That somehow, somewhere, you took a wrong turning, and that you’re not living the life you should be living?
That you’re not the person you could be, if only…?

In this stunningly wide-ranging and fascinating book, Andrew Jenkins takes the reader on a journey of exploration into just how these
feelings arise, through the development of what he calls the ‘acquired self’, and how, by making use of the extraordinary plasticity of our brains, we can re-educate our thoughts and behaviours and return to our ‘authentic selves’ - and have happy, effective and fulfilled lives.

Are you ready to:

  • Learn more about yourself and who you’re meant to be?
  • Accomplish something positive, something great in your life that reconnects you to your deepest dreams and desires?
  • Be guided step by step back to your ‘authentic self’ without being constrained by limitation?